R.I.P. 2009

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That was the winter (spring, summer and autumn) of our discontent. Thank goodness 2009 is over.

Or so say many. At Intrawelt, our growth has been organic, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our business is not dependent on a few large clients, nor on one particular sector. We have built the company on the foundations of quality, service and professionalism. We don’t create “bubbles”. Through the good years and the bad, we stick to our principles and run our company in an orderly way. We set goals for ourselves each year and we manage things accordingly.

We prefer a sustained, managed growth rather than the peaks and troughs that others go through as they see good years and bad.

Whilst 2009 was not an easy year, we are rather proud of our results. More details as we complete our year closure procedures but here are, if you like, two key points of reference.

Words translated/proof-read : 30% up on 2008

Revenue: almost 15% up on 2008