Latinismo elettorale

Se è vero che molte parole prese in prestito dal latino sono ormai entrate nell’uso quotidiano della lingua parlata e […]

La netiquette: il galateo in rete

Avete mai sentito parlare di netiquette? Il termine ‘NETiquette’, derivante dalla fusione dell’inglese network (rete) e del francese étiquette, vuol […]

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Italians are recognised worldwide for their expressive hand gestures, no conversation is complete without them. Ever wondered what they all […]

What Scares You the Most?

  The standalone word phobia derives from the Greek suffix; meaning “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to […]

International Translation Day 2016

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATION DAY! Don’t worry, we haven’t taken the day off to celebrate! But we have created an International […]

Italian men

Speaking the Lingo…

Dialects have existed for many years and in many languages; some languages are known to have more dialects than others, […]