Blog in IT/EN. Intraview 3: CEO Alessandro Potalivo

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Alessandro Potalivo, Legale rappresentante della Intrawelt, cura l’amministrazione dell’azienda e la gestione del personale, fungendo inoltre da indispensabile raccordo tra i vari rami della società. Una società che nasce in un’uggiosa mattina di quasi 26 anni fa, il 14 gennaio 1991 per la precisione, trasformando in realtà un sogno a lungo cullato. Con l’intervista ad Alessandro […]

Blog in IT/EN. Intraview 2: IT Engineer Pasquale

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Questa settimana continuiamo la nostra serie di interviste sul Blog di Intrawelt con la seconda puntata di Intraview. Stavolta i riflettori sono puntati su Pasquale, ingegnere informatico, che ci farà conoscere meglio l’aspetto tecnologico della traduzione. [Vai all’italiano] This week we continue our interview series on the Intrawelt Blog with the second installment of Intraview. Offering an insight […]

Blog in IT/EN. Intraview 1: Project Managers Mery & Roberta

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Per concludere in bellezza questo 25° anno di attività, il Blog di Intrawelt è orgoglioso di presentare la sua serie di interviste Intraview. Per l’occasione, cercheremo di farvi conoscere meglio il nostro mondo attraverso una serie di interviste realizzate con alcuni membri del team. Inizieremo con le Project Manager Mery e Roberta. Buona lettura! [Vai […]

Our Top 5 must reads this week

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With the arrival of the film, wait for it… Arrival (couldn’t resist!), Slate published an article featuring an interview with “Betty Birner, a professor of linguistics and cognitive science at Northern Illinois University” who provides an interesting insight into the film. And from the same article author, Marissa Martinelli, we learned why Moana is a […]

A Healthy Office

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“Take a deep breath in through your nose, counting to 4 as you go. Hold. Now breathe out, again, counting to four. Repeat another 3 times. Now imagine you are lying on a warm surface. Not so hot that it’s uncomfortable, but just the right temperature. You stretch out and feel nothing but silky fabric […]

Machine Translation – Error 404: Accurate translation not found.

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In our August article on the subject of translation apps at the Rio Olympics we searched for the best machine translation apps currently available to download. Of course any translator knows that when it comes to professional translation, machine translation will often not be associated with the adjective “best”; but hey, the machines need some […]

Strike a pose: translation in fashion

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With the changing of the seasons come changes in our wardrobes! Long gone are the days of strolling along the beach in shorts or sitting in the sun with a sombrero; now we’re reaching out for our cozy coats and woolly hats! But, what does this have to do with translation? Well, constantly evolving fashion […]

Words on Film

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Ever wondered what your favourite film is called in another language? Translators have to make a crucial decision with film titles; creating a different title based on an aspect of the film or opting for a literal translation of the original title, possibly involving a little localisation. Both of these options have to ensure the […]